At Fantastic Bytes the result we consistently seek is to leave our customers, feeling "FANTASTIC!" about our service and products.

We design software for Handheld devices, Desktop computers, and the web.

We specialize in making solid, bloat-free, powerful software where performance, size and memory usage is important.

We develop private software at competitive rates and help Operators and OEMs deliver functionality and get to market faster.

We are here to make every second you spend on a digital device as effective as possible and add as much value to your life as we can.

We believe anything is possible, and we try to prove it through software.
We also believe that our customer's time is incredibly valuable, so we help them pack as much productivity in the least amount of time possible.

Our dream is to be on the mobile devices and desktop computers of home and business users worldwide who take their time seriously and need powerful easy to use software that helps them meet their needs.

We strive to have a friendly and solid relationship with our clients taking their ideas, recommendations, needs and desires very seriously. Should there be any problem or queries, we resolve them as quickly and painlessly as possible.