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New in this version

  • Replace your Start Menu with Launch Manager!
  • New Wifi, Bluetooth, Phone and Sound Indicators!
  • New Minimize and Call History Shortcuts!
  • Improved and faster shortcut editing!
  • Easier to use on different resolution devices!
  • Start Launch Manager with Windows!

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New Launch Manager 1.32 Released!
We have released a new version of Launch Manager with hundreds of improvements.

New XMouse360 Beta!
XMouse360 allows you to control a Windows computer with an Xbox 360 controller.
XMouse360 now has a setup, zoom mode, precision mode and can be set to automatically start with windows. Updated!
The website now has a new navigation menu to make navigating the site easier and a few visual improvements.

  • 1.32 Fixed compatibility issues with Samsung Omnia i900 and Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 (240x400, 480x800) devices (Skin file Required, Download and Launch on device).
  • 1.32 Enabled support for more than 10 buttons (Skin file required, Download and Launch on device).

  • 1.31 Release Candidate 1:
  • 1.31 Added NEW Skin!
  • 1.31 Added On Screen Display for Bluetooth, Sound and Pages.
  • 1.31 Improved speed, Smaller, better memory consumption.
  • 1.31 Removed automatic Owner Name in License ID field.
  • 1.31 Added VGA Launch Manager Icon.
  • 1.31 Added support for .lmskin files (Launch Manager Skin Installation).
  • 1.31 Many internal changes.

  • 1.30 VGA compatibility and VGA skin in VGA version (see Advanced User Downloads).
  • 1.30 Skin selector.

  • 1.29 Added new skin files and new icons (Edit Settings Icons, click ok, to load the correct Icons)..

  • 1.28 Fixed Cut and Paste bug, when cutting, adding new page and pasting.
  • 1.28 Fixed Icon and Parameter Bug, If icon added, replaced parameter.
  • 1.28 Added parameter tab when editing shortcut. (Use to pass parameters to an .exe or to specify a tab number for setting shortcut starting at 0)
  • 1.28 Fixed Icon bug, loads all images now.

  • Change Shortcut Icons (Edit Shortcut, Icon Tab, may slow down on startup if loading big images, opens .ico, .bmp and .jpg and can use the icon of any other file).
  • Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete shortcuts (Tap and hold a shortcut while in Edit Mode).
  • Added support for specific tabs in Control Panel and Settings Shortcuts (E.g. Edit "launch.hlcx" file in a Text Editor and replace Param="1" with Param="1,1").

  • Start Menu and IE Favorites are now displayed when browsing, on non English devices.

We have released a new beta version of Launch Manager with many Exciting features:
  • One-Tap Adding and Editing of Shortcuts.
  • Control Panel Settings Shortcuts.
  • Launch Manager Button Shortcut.
  • Backup and restore shortcuts.
  • Shortcut Parameters.
  • New Device Shortcuts: Bluetooth On/Off/Discoverable, Sound On/Off/Vibrate, Rotate Left and Right, New Note, New Appointment, New SMS, Suspend, Show Today Screen.

We have built a new website, please send us your thoughts on the new site.

We have also added a new free application called SoftKey Manager.

A special Thank You and Happy Easter to all our loyal customers!
Please consider leaving a review for us using the new review page.

Launch Manager 1.21 has been released, registered users of previous versions can upgrade for free.

Just download the new version and install. Old shortcuts are imported into the new Launch Manager format.