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The professional launch application for mobile professionals.

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Save hundreds of dollars!

If you are thinking of buying another smart phone because it is easier to use.
Try Launch Manager for 30 days, it transforms the user interface of your Windows Mobile Device into a modern, easy to use and fast interface.

Get an extra day every year!

Just 15 Seconds per action for 10 actions a day wastes over 15 hours of your life every year!

Launch Manager is designed for speed, it Launches instantly and helps you find exactly what you want instantly!

Save space, memory and battery power!

The newest devices have User Interfaces with 3D graphics, what most people don't know is that these interfaces and other today plug-ins impact your battery life.

The more memory and CPU power a program uses the more battery life it drains.

Launch Manager uses very little memory compared to other applications, and almost 0% of your CPU. It is also tiny in size saving space for your other more important applications.

Powerful Features

  • Call and SMS contacts with one touch.
  • Launch applications, documents and media files.
  • Launch Internet Explorer Favourites and other websites.
  • Launch Settings (Control Panel Settings).
  • Soft reset; Bluetooth; Vibrate; Mute; Show Today Screen; Suspend; Rotate Screen; New Appointment, Note, SMS.
  • One-touch adding and editing of shortcuts.
  • Secondary actions for your Launch Manager button.
  • Unlimited Shortcuts.
  • Fully customizable with skins and themes (Includes 2 default themes).
  • Backup and restore Launch Manager settings.

User Interface Technology

Launch Manager trains you to use your muscle memory.

Muscle memory is the reason we can type on a keyboard without looking at the keys, this means you learn to use your device faster.

Touch Gestures let you configure actions for screen strokes.


Launch Manager works on almost all Windows Mobile devices.

Any resolution: QVGA 240x320; Square 320x320, 240x240, 480x480; VGA 480x640; (Samsung Omnia) 240x400, (Sony Ericsson Xperia) 480x800.

Operating System: Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6.


Fast technical support and free frequent updates.

How it works - Press, Scroll, Launch!

Start by linking Launch Manager to a hardware button of your choice.
When you push the "Launch Manager button" all your shortcuts are instantly displayed on the screen, and you can scroll through them using your scroll wheel, direction pad, touch gestures or an invisible scroll bar along the right edge of the screen.