XMouse360 Beta


XMouse360 allows you to control your PC keyboard and mouse with an XBox 360 Controller.

Download XMouse360 Beta 0.2 Setup (Windows Vista or XP):

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This will install XMouse360 onto your computer.
(Size: ~246KB)

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Version 0.2 (2008/11/10)

  • Faster, only first connected device can control the PC.
  • Zoom Mode.
  • Precision Mode.
  • Option: Disable Mouse and Keyboard mode on full screen applications.
  • Option: Run XMouse360 on Windows Start up.
  • Changed layout for better usability.
  • Changed Icon.

  • A Button = Mouse Left Click
  • B Button = Mouse Right Click
  • X Button = Keyboard Enter (Return) Key
  • Y Button = MS On-Screen Keyboard
  • Left Thumb Stick Up/Down/Left/Right = Move Mouse Cursor
  • Left Thumb Stick Click = Mouse Left Click
  • Right Thumb Stick Up/Down = Mouse Wheel Scroll Up/Down
  • Right Thumb Stick Click = Mouse Middle Click
  • D-Pad = Keyboard Directional Keys
  • Left Shoulder = Windows Media Player Previous Track
  • Right Shoulder = Windows Media Player Next Track
  • Start = Windows Start Button
  • Back = Back / Backspace
  • Left Trigger = Zoom In x2, x4, x8
  • Right Trigger = Precision Mode, Slower Mouse Movement.