John - 
Launch Manager
I've installed at least 10 different launchers over the years, hoping that each would do what this one does. It speeds me to the programs and other items I want. It is easy to see and work with finger taps. It looks clean and cool. It installs and runs smoothly without a hitch. Very nice program.

Anonymous - 
Launch Manager
Fantastic little application. Unlimited number of thumb-accessible shortcuts at the click of a button. You can even place a shortcut to other pages, making navigation quick and easy. I also love the shortcuts to my favourite contacts. Doesn't take up much memory, and the support is fantastic. I've assigned this app to my right softkey, and one-handed use of my PPC has never been easier! Love it!

Jhor - 
Launch Manager
This is the kind of launcher I've been dreaming of for a long time in Windows Mobile. Simple and Practical! I thought no developer could ever think of this method as they are too busy cluttering the today screen! To those who can't imagine why this method is better than a Today-plug-in then here's an example scenario: I'm composing a sentence in messenger until I come across a word that requires a "quick computation". So I simply run "Launch Manager" then tap calculator. After I'm done with calculator, close it and I'm automatically back to the messaging app where I left! :) Try the same scenario using Today-plug-in shortcuts and you'll get annoyed. Note: It's important to change the setting to "Close after launch".